Podcast | Israel's first offshore bid round and the Eastern Mediterranean complexities


Join us for a wider conversation with regional expert Michael Barron, who will discuss some of the key reasons behind the delays of Israel's bid round and the challenges of Eastern Mediterranean oil and gas.

Israel's long awaited first competitive offshore bidding round is due to close in November 2017, after several delays. At the same time, Israel's prime minister could be subject to a corruption investigation while the country's neighbours compete for foreign investments for exploring their own resources. Cooperation over a joint export infrastructure for Eastern Mediterranean oil and gas is also lacking.

In this podcast, we answer the following questions: can Israel attract more companies for its offshore bid round? What are the regional political and economic trade-offs of investing in Israel's natural gas sector? What are the likely export routes for Israeli natural gas? Does the newly adopted and largely untested natural gas framework provide the necessary regulatory stability for potential investors?

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