New market intelligence

Intelligence that helps you seize commercial opportunities

Helping businesses explore opportunities in unfamiliar markets where understanding cultural and political nuance is crucial for success. This ranges from analysing the political, regulatory and competitive environment to advising on local partner selection.

Growing organisations have to weigh up the balance of risks and opportunities in unfamiliar regions. To make the right commercial decision, they often need a strong understanding of the political and commercial context that underpins the markets they are considering. This is especially true in jurisdictions where markets are complicated by geopolitics, unpredictable regulatory dynamics, and unreliable data. 

Local intelligence can add value at multiple stages in the market entry process. It can save time and resources by helping management teams make better informed go/no-go decisions about which opportunities to pursue. Once a target market has been identified, it can increase your chances of success by equipping you with early insights into the barriers, challenges and opportunities you will face. And it can support the successful implementation of your market entry strategy by helping you select the right local partners and recognise emerging risks. 

Risk Advisory helps senior leadership understand a target market at a level deeper than its headline economic indicators. We provide reliable independent perspectives from local sources that are vital for evaluating a new market and working out how best to unlock its potential. Through our network of senior government, academic, finance and industry contacts around the world, we can spot risks and opportunities that you may be unaware of.

Risk Advisory’s New Market Intelligence service can be your competitive edge in growing your organisation effectively. 


Clients who partner with us benefit from:

  • Insights from local intelligence – We support new market entry with pivotal local intelligence. Our experienced in-house analysts have deep knowledge of the markets they cover and access to trusted insights from high-level local sources in industry, finance, government, and politics. 
  • Strategy options and guidance – We empower our clients to act with confidence by providing robust independent assessments that can challenge existing thinking regarding new markets. This includes providing independent guidance to boards to help them make strategic market entry decisions.
  • Better outcomes – We help our clients adapt new market entry strategies with a constant flow of fresh intelligence to maintain positive momentum. Our local networks provide constant updates on emerging political, regulatory and commercial issues that could affect their market entry strategy.


New Market Intelligence deliverables

  • Mapping out key stakeholders and market participants
  • Assessing potential regulatory and political challenges
  • Identifying cultural or political factors likely to affect success
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Identifying local partners
  • Advising on risk mitigation strategies

Creating commercial advantage