Next generation leadership

Paving the way for our staff’s growth and development


We are our people

At Risk Advisory we are committed to the development and growth of our people. We recognise that it is our people that make us who we are and give us the ability to deliver a quality service to our clients.

Our approach to learning and development is about much more than training in the conventional sense; it goes beyond a collection of classroom training sessions, and beyond the initial onboarding training in your first few weeks at the company. It’s about learning in all of its forms: experiential learning, career coaching and on-the-job learning. But most critically, it is about supporting our people’s long-term career aspirations by identifying their unique skill sets, developing them holistically, and giving them opportunities to fulfil their professional goals and find purpose in what they do. 

We value the diversity and individuality of all our people, and our Learning & Development programmes are tailored to reflect this. Each employee is unique in how they see their growth and development at Risk Advisory, and our team of Learning & Development professionals work with everyone to support their personalised career pathway. Our development programmes aim to provide individualised learning support and opportunities at critical points in people’s career journeys enabling them to not only succeed in their current roles but also to stretch beyond to the next level. 


We support employees through a wide variety of structured development programmes, peer-to-peer learning, and on-the-job coaching. All learning initiatives are geared towards developing subject matter expertise, commercial, management and leadership skills that our people need at each level.

Alongside our development programmes, we are proud to invest in a number of other exciting learning initiatives, including:  

  • Coaching every employee regardless of role or level has access to one-to-one coaching from a qualified coach. Our coaches provide every employee with a safe and confidential space to reflect and focus on exploring their personal goals, development and career aspirations. 
  • Mentoring programme – all employees are encouraged to have a mentor in the business to support their on-the-job learning and seek opportunities to develop further in the role. All our mentors are fully trained to support and grow their mentees.
  • Mental health and wellbeing workshops – we have fully trained mental health champions in the business to support the wellbeing of our employees. We run wellbeing and mindfulness workshops to encourage our employees to bring balance to their work and develop healthy working habits.