ESG Intelligence

Protecting your people. Promoting your sustainability.

Identifying and mitigating ESG-focussed issues across global business to help inform your business strategy

Risk Advisory’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) advisory practice sits alongside compliance and strategic intelligence as an integrative part of the wider business intelligence team.

Risk Advisory’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) consultancy and advisory practice sits alongside compliance and strategic intelligence as an integrative part of the wider business intelligence team.

Our ESG intelligence consultancy is part of a holistic set of services that drive and protect value creation while ensuring your business operates ethically and with integrity. In the long term, it’s advantage intelligence that’s creating a better world to work and live in. Our methods are informed by nearly three decades of experience in governance-led intelligence.

We leverage global expertise and a rich intelligence network to help clients identify, understand and mitigate a range of complex ESG-focussed issues across their supply chains, enabling them to develop an ESG strategy.

All our investigations are tailored but broadly speaking, fall into the following three categories:

  • We advise you on the reputational risks associated with a transaction or counterparty in your supply chain. These human rights due diligence and broader impact assessments unearth potential forced labour, unethical labour practices, discrimination, community rights, land and water rights, governance structures and anti-corruption issues.
  • When a specific issue or allegation has been identified, we help you understand which key stakeholders are involved, what the social, political and ethnic context is and what the public perception is.
  • We provide you with tailored insight into your industry, regulatory and political trends that may impact your activities going forward and will advise you on how to protect your businesses against future ESG issues.
The firm approaches ESG by applying a rigorous intelligence gathering and assessment process that makes use of its extensive local networks and access to qualitative data that is not otherwise publicly available.
- Chambers Crisis & Risk Management Guide 2021
An effective ESG strategy - alongside effective compliance - is not just a moral necessity but a key driver of value creation.
- Bill Waite, Risk Advisory’s co-founder
We often need information quickly in response to emerging or unanticipated situations and Risk Advisory always delivers. They are lightning-fast, flexible and accommodating. Their finely tuned sensitivities to culture, both corporate and national, are invaluable to us.
- Chambers Crisis & Risk Management Guide 2021

    How does ESG consulting help?

    Minimise intangible risks:
    • ESG benchmarking against localised and international standards
    • Human rights due diligence
    • Impact assessments on global supply chains
    Mitigate existing ESG issues:
    • Assessing the social, political and ethnic context of specific allegations
    • Stakeholder mapping
    Protect your success:
    • Trend mapping
    • Political scenario planning
    • Reputational forecasting

    Why choose Risk Advisory?

    Global Reach:

    Our multilingual teams have conducted assignments in over 150 countries, and we’re committed to maintaining and constantly evolving our global network.

    Tailored Investigations:

    Our investigations are bespoke and can apply different levels of scrutiny to the subjects of our assignments, according to client needs and the nature of the project

    Acute Insight:

    Our multidisciplinary global teams combine deep sector knowledge with first-hand regional insights.



    Tailored ESG Consultancy Services