M&A target evaluation

Growth intelligence to navigate complex markets

Enabling M&A teams evaluate above-ground risks that impact the business case for an acquisition. This ranges from assessing the target’s political and commercial environment to providing perspectives on the management team’s ability to navigate that terrain.

A major challenge in cross-border M&A is identifying the right target in unfamiliar markets. Successfully doing so requires a deep understanding of the political and commercial context they operate in. This is especially the case in jurisdictions where markets are complicated by geopolitics, unpredictable regulatory dynamics, and unreliable data.

Local intelligence can add value at multiple stages in the M&A process. It can save time and effort by eliminating unsuitable partners, address concerns raised by an investment committee, and ultimately improve your negotiating position. 

Risk Advisory can help your deal team understand a target organisation at a level deeper than its financial statements. We provide reliable independent perspectives from local sources that are vital for evaluating the target and its position in the market. Through our network of senior government, academic, finance and industry contacts around the world, we can spot commercial and political risks that deal teams may be unaware of.

Risk Advisory’s M&A Target Evaluation service can be your competitive advantage in growing your organisation effectively.


  • Insights from local intelligence – We support successful M&A activity with pivotal industry and local intelligence. Our experienced in-house analysts have deep knowledge of the markets they cover and access to trusted insights from high-level local sources in industry, academia, finance, government, and politics. 
  • Target options and guidance – We provide our clients with robust independent assessments of suitability that can challenge existing thinking. We also provide investment committees with the confidence that they are leaving no stone unturned in their due diligence. 
  • Better outcomes – We help our clients adapt their M&A strategy with a constant flow of fresh intelligence to optimise the selection of the target/s and the transaction outcomes. Our local networks provide constant updates on emerging political, regulatory and commercial issues that could affect the deal.

M&A Target Evaluation deliverables

  • Identifying and assessing potential obstacles to your investment thesis
  • Evaluating the impact of upcoming regulatory and policy changes
  • Scenario mapping for political and geopolitical risks
  • Investigating the security of key commercial relationships
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Identifying targets and local partners
  • Assessing management team fit and cohesiveness

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