Leveraging staff insights to drive business improvement


Aims of the group

In 2021, Risk Advisory formed a shadow board consisting of employees from across its offices and departments. The aim of the shadow board was and remains twofold: first, to offer an employee perspective on issues of group-wide significance, and second, to use the group as a forum to develop future leaders.

The group was formed against the backdrop of a changing working environment in the aftermath of the pandemic. There was an urgent need to ensure the company made decisions with all stakeholders in mind. As a result, the company established the shadow board to partner staff members with senior executives and board members to complete strategic projects.

Since its inception, the shadow board has focussed on large-scale business improvement projects with a particular emphasis on working practices, employee relations, professional development, business performance and productivity. The group also serves as a development forum for all employees, enabling employees at all levels to contribute to the strategic objectives of the company.


Success stories

The shadow board is proud to have completed several strategic initiatives so far including; introducing a new hybrid working policy; helping the board to appoint an additional non-executive director; and rolling out updated Diversity Equity & Inclusion training and a policy.

To complete each project, shadow board members conducted external research, spoke to industry experts and canvassed staff opinions. The group worked together to put forward compelling and innovative business proposals to the board which, once approved, implemented company-wide.