Negotiation intelligence

Helping business leaders secure positive outcomes in commercially-sensitive negotiations. This ranges from investigating the other side’s motivations and decision-making structures to informing possible settlement strategies.

In complex negotiations, knowledge is power. Understanding the other side’s objectives, priorities and what they might be willing to compromise on is crucial to success. Knowledge of the counterparty’s decision-making structure and hierarchies also ensures that you focus time and resources on the right stakeholders. And often a deeper understanding of the context surrounding the negotiation provides leverage that can help secure a favourable outcome. 

This is especially true in negotiations in unpredictable environments, where complex political and cultural issues and opaque decision-making hierarchies complicate the path to a settlement. In these situations, local intelligence is crucial to devising a successful negotiation strategy.  

Risk Advisory can help you understand a counterparty at a level deeper than its official negotiating position. We provide reliable independent insights from local sources to help you understand the other side and put together your strategy. Through our network of senior government, academic, finance and industry contacts around the world, we provide intelligence to unlock a path to a favourable settlement. 

Risk Advisory’s Government Negotiation Intelligence service can give you a competitive edge for your next major negotiation.


Clients who partner with us benefit from:

  • Better outcomes – We help our clients adapt negotiation strategies with a constant flow of fresh intelligence to maintain positive momentum in a negotiation. Our local networks provide constant updates on emerging issues, preferred outcomes and decision-making processes.
  • Insights from local intelligence – We support strategic negotiation with pivotal local intelligence. Our experienced in-house analysts have deep knowledge of the markets they cover and access to trusted insights from high-level local sources in industry, finance, government, and politics.
  • Strategy options and guidance – We empower our clients to act with confidence by providing robust independent assessments that can challenge existing thinking. We also provide board-level management with the confidence that the negotiation strategy being pursued will give their organisation the best chance of success.

Negotiation Intelligence deliverables

  • Evaluating the context and landscape behind the negotiation process
  • Power mapping – identifying key stakeholders and their influence
  • Analysing the priorities of the primary decision-makers
  • Responding to changes in political, regulatory or commercial context
  • Investigating potential settlement strategies
  • Identifying possible leverage points

Intelligence delivered ingeniously

Helping key decision makers, make the right commercial decisions