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The Risk Advisory Group Ltd (‘Risk Advisory’) has released the Corruption Challenges Index 2018 – which reveals the countries and markets that pose the most, and fewest, corruption challenges for investing businesses.


Scoring for the index is based on the threat of corruption, the exposure of foreign investors to it, the availability of reliable information upon which to base integrity investigations in each country.

Key findings:
  • Turkmenistan is the country where businesses face the biggest corruption challenges, followed by Somalia and then Libya.
  • Europe generally performs well in the index and dominates the list of least challenging countries.
  • The ability to source reliable data is at its worst in Turkmenistan, North Korea and Laos – marked as Opacity scores on the maps.
  • Construction and developmentinfrastructure, and oil and gas emerge as the most challenging industry sectors from a corruption point of view globally.
Key features:
  • Three maps visually representing Corruption Challenges, Corruption Threat, Opacity
  • Top 10 league tables – Corruption Challenges, Corruption Threat, Opacity
  • Top 3 sectors exposed to corruption globally
  • Viewpoints – analysis from regional experts on what the data shows
Click on the link below to view the global mapsleague tables and analysis from our regional experts, to better understand the unique corruption challenges of countries. 
Key Quotes

“The due diligence process for potential investors is not always as painful as they fear.”
– Tom Russell, Director of Business Intelligence

“Not everything in Africa is doom and gloom, and in our experience, some of the old tropes about African corruption are overstated or incorrect.”
– John Siko, Head of Business Intelligence, Africa

“Corruption investigations in Latin America have brought former heads of state to prison. Whether this demonstrates their effectiveness or a sign of pervasiveness of the problem – we should not ignore the strides countries have taken to fight corruption.”
– Steffi Probst, Head of Business Intelligence, Americas

“Given its importance as a destination for foreign investment and a key driver of global economic growth, countries in the Asia Pacific region probably represent the greatest challenge for anti-corruption practitioners.”
– Brendan McGloin, Head of Business Intelligence, Asia

“There have also been encouraging signs that corporate attitudes to corruption, at least in western Europe, will continue to improve.”
– Goran Maksimovic, Head of Business Intelligence, Europe

Middle East & North Africa
“Navigating the complex web of state enterprises, merchant families and parastatal entities in the Middle East is challenging. Personal connections and political leverage are key to success, yet present corruption and regulatory risks to global partners.”
– Shahin Shamsabadi, Head of Business Intelligence, Middle East & North Africa

Russia, Eastern Europe & Eurasia
“'Russia is never as strong as she looks; Russia is never as weak as she looks.' No matter who actually said this – Talleyrand, Metternich or Churchill (or none of them) – we could apply this to Russia’s fight with graft.”
– Oleg Babinov Head of Business Intelligence, Russia, Eastern Europe & Eurasia




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About Corruption Challenges Index 2018
Risk Advisory’s Corruption Challenges Index 2018, our second edition. Like our first survey, this draws on our direct experience of working in the world’s most challenging countries, revealing the markets that pose the most – and the fewest – corruption challenges for foreign investors. We have evaluated various factors – local corruption threat, foreign investors' exposure, the level of FCPA enforcement action – and have refracted these through the prism of accessibility and availability of information when carrying out investigative research.

The countries that pose the greatest challenges are not necessarily bad places to do business: for some countries and sectors, the higher the risk, the greater the reward. But an essential part of navigating these challenges is to have a robust risk mitigation programme in place, based on adequate integrity due diligence.
Our survey shows that gathering sufficient, reliable information for due diligence can be challenging. And that is where our team of experienced researchers and country experts can add the most value – by providing local knowledge, networks and language capabilities to help companies accurately assess the business environment and protect themselves.

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