Corruption Challenges Index 2018 Top corruption danger spots for business in 2018

An essential guide to the world’s most and least challenging countries for foreign investors in relation to corruption levels

Risk Advisory’s Corruption Challenges Index 2018. We draw on our direct experience of working in the world’s most challenging countries, revealing the markets that pose the most – and the fewest – corruption challenges for foreign investors. We have evaluated various factors – local corruption threat, foreign investors’ exposure, the level of FCPA enforcement action – and have refracted these through the prism of accessibility and availability of information when carrying out investigative research.

We believe it is an essential guide for businesses conducting work globally, ensuring awareness of where corruption challenges lie and how riskiest places can be the most rewarding.

Key features:

  • Three maps visually representing Corruption Challenges, Corruption Threat, Opacity
  • Top 10 league tables – Corruption Challenges, Corruption Threat, Opacity
  • Top 3 sectors exposed to corruption globally
  • Viewpoints – analysis from regional experts on what the data shows

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