Coronavirus (Covid-19) - How we're helping businesses

The spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) is having a major impact on businesses, forcing many to implement radical measures to limit the spread of the disease and its impact.

Covid-19 Risk Portal

We’ve created a dedicated Covid-19 Risk Portal that replaces the Medical & health risk ratings and travel restrictions map that used to reside on this page. Click here to see more. We are offering free access to the Covid-19 Risk Portal for academic research, public bodies and organisations tasked with combating the pandemic. We are also offering additional complimentary access to our Security Intelligence & Analysis Service (SIAS) to eligible organisations to help them manage their recovery and risks.

Note: To request access to the Covid-19 Risk Portal and SIAS please submit your details below.



As a fast moving and fluid situation, organisations must contend with huge volumes of often unreliable information to make difficult decisions, both operationally and strategically.

Risk Advisory is actively assisting businesses to help them manage the crisis, make effective decisions and plans, reduce its impact, and ensure a return to business-as-usual as quickly as possible. We can assist with the following:

  • Helping crisis management teams to be effective, in what for many is their first real test.
  • We are embedding analyst expertise into businesses, so they can get the data on what the evolving threat really means to them.
  • Before they are needed, we’re reviewing crisis management plans for a number of clients.
  • We are helping businesses take an enterprise view of the risk they are carrying in the context of Covid-19.
  • Our knowledge of the outbreak and our expertise in security risk means that we are able to help senior leaders with decision making at this most unusual of times.
  • For those who have more specific concerns, we are giving advice on the impact to security (physical, personnel and cyber) posed by Covid-19.
  • Daily Covid-19 operational updates are available which contain the same market-leading analysis as our SIAS product.

Risk Advisory has established its own Covid-19 team to offer support and information. If your business requires immediate assistance, let us know and we will find you the most appropriate solution for your situation. Get in touch +44 20 3073 9021 or use the form below:

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SIAS - Security Intelligence & Analysis Service

We understand that Covid-19 is the top priority for businesses and therefore Risk Advisory is offering a free month’s subscription to the data that underpins our analysis. You will also receive access to the Covid-19 Risk Portal.

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