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Third party compliance management platform

Security, control and organisation for key decisions makers

Security, control and organisation for key decisions makers

It is configured to centralise and streamline your compliance process for suppliers, agents, contractors and clients.

Designed exclusively for use by clients who commission enhanced due diligence from Risk Advisory, our third party compliance platform alleviates the burgeoning effort required by businesses to meet anti-corruption compliance legislation.

While compliance budgets are being frozen or reduced, the need for efficiency, transparency and responsiveness has never been greater. By automating day-today tasks, generating a comprehensive audit trail and giving you full visibility into your third party compliance programme, our platform  maximises operational efficiency, helping you stay one step ahead.

This compliance platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is quick to use and avoids unnecessary emails being sent.
- Legal counsel at an international hotel chain

    Our services

    • Information reporting and dashboards - Flexible management information reporting and dashboards - customisable analytics, dashboards and reports
    • Enterprise level security - Fully SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security encrypted to keep your data safe
    • Fully auditable and time-stamped records - Automatically creates an audit trail of the due diligence you've done
    • Single interface for all business partners, risk ratings, documentation and status
    • Case management, approval, reminders, tasking and calendars
    • Commissioning of enhanced due diligence


    Streamline third party compliance management