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ESG, Human Rights and Sustainability

ESG, Human Rights and Sustainability Protecting people, promoting sustainability

Ethical, rigorous and strategic intelligence

ESG, Human Rights and Sustainability
ESG, Human Rights and Sustainability 1

Risk Advisory’s ESG and sustainability practice sits alongside compliance and strategic intelligence as an integrative part of the wider business intelligence team. It is part of a holistic set of services that drive and protect value creation.

Our assignments cover a range of ESG-specific products including supply chain assessments, analysis of the displacement of local peoples, risk and vulnerability assessments and regional and sectoral benchmarking exercises.

These are complemented by our strategic advisory work: assisting clients in navigating a confusing and shifting regulatory landscape and in negotiating value in geographies where the lines between politics, public and private markets are blurred.

ESG, Human Rights and Sustainability 2


Clients who partner with us benefit from our:

  • Global reach – Our multilingual teams have conducted assignments in over 150 countries, and we’re committed to maintaining and constantly evolving our global network.
  • Tailored investigations – Our investigations are bespoke and can apply different levels of scrutiny to the subjects of our assignments, according to client needs and the nature of the project.
  • Acute insight – Our multidisciplinary global teams combine deep sector knowledge with first-hand regional insights.

Our services

ESG, Human Rights and Sustainability 1

Labour rights investigation in South Africa

We conducted a review of allegations of unfair labour practices at a South African investment firm. The firm had been the subject of allegations of racial and gender-based discrimination by a group of current and former employees. Our client, a development finance institution that was considering committing money to the firm, instructed us to conduct an independent review of the allegations and remedial actions taken in response to the discrimination allegations. 

Through on-site interviews, we provided our client with a clear assessment of the scope and severity of the initial allegations, the integrity of the HR investigation, and the efficacy of the remedial measures. They were able to proceed with the investment armed with the knowledge of a number of weaknesses in the implementation of certain remedial measures and specific recommendations to address these.

ESG, Human Rights and Sustainability 2

Work with the Donkey Sanctuary

Risk Advisory has been working with the leading non-profit organisation, the Donkey Sanctuary since early 2020. We have supported the Donkey Sanctuary with intelligence gathering in multiple jurisdictions across Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. The Donkey Sanctuary is a British charitable organisation devoted to the welfare of donkeys. It is a global leader in the provision of advocacy, educational work and veterinary support to donkeys across the globe, with a particular focus on supporting declining donkey populations in Africa and Asia.


ESG, Human Rights and Sustainability 3

Human rights investigation

Our client, a global supplier of food and beverage products, was sourcing a key raw material from a region of a country that was under significant social and political focus globally for alleged human rights abuses including forced labour. We conducted a Human Rights intelligence assessment of over a dozen of its counterparties. The focus was to understand whether there were any indications of forced labour in the company’s operations and supply chain. Our methodology was drawn from research and guidelines published by the US State Department, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Fair Labor Association, the Investor Alliance for Human Rights, and others. We navigated significant operational difficulties in a fragile local security environment. 


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