Youri Smakouz

Associate Director



Youri Smakouz

Associate Director

Moscow, Russia

Youri Smakouz is  Head of Risk Advisory’s Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia practice. Since joining the company in 2006, Youri has conducted numerous integrity due diligence and FCPA investigations in Russia, FSU and Eastern Europe.  Areas in which he has most experience include banking and finance, healthcare, energy, telecoms and transportation.

Youri has worked for a number of US and Europe-based clients helping them to gauge the risks associated with proposed acquisitions and joint ventures, vetting business partners and third-party agents, and screening of senior employees. Youri has particular expertise in analysing corruption risks associated with public procurement in the former Soviet Union, particularly in the healthcare sector.

Prior to joining Risk Advisory, Youri worked for Russian Standard Bank, a large Russian bank.  As the head of the corporate risks department, he was responsible for the development and implementation of risk assessment methodology for corporate clients, and financial institutions.

Project highlights:

  • Advised a major European bank on the Russia exit transaction, including due diligence on potential buyers of its local operations
  • Investigated whistleblower allegations of corrupt payments in Central Asia and the Caucasus on behalf of a multinational pharma business
  • Led a complex investigation aimed at mapping the ownership and control structure of a large business conglomerate active actress several FSU countries
  • Investigated the wealth accumulation story of a high-profile Kazakh businessman and assessed its legitimacy
  • Languages
    • English
    • Russian
  • Countries of expertise

    Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Moldova

  • Capabilities
    • Banking and finance
    • Healthcare
    • IT and Telecoms
    • Energy
    • Government procurement in Russia and FSU
    • Supply chain analysis for conflict of interest
  • Education
    • Diplomas in Economics and Information Systems

Get to know Youri Smakouz

My area of expertise

I lead complex due diligence and anti-corruption investigations across the former Soviet Union space. My background is in banking and finance and I help clients to detect money laundering and financial crime patterns, as well as probe sources of wealth of high-net-worth individuals.

Why I love what I do

The thrill of getting to the bottom of complex things, working across diverse industries and different jurisdictions.

What sets Risk Advisory apart

Our commitment to helping clients solve problems.


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