Tim Stanley


My area of expertise

Advising clients on managing business risks in jurisdictions where the risks – reputational, compliance, regulatory, political, sanctions – are particularly high, or subject to geopolitical tensions. I spent over a decade working in Moscow at a time of increasing strain in relations between Russia and the west, and am now witness to many of these same challenges as they appear in the business environment in Hong Kong.

Why I love what I do

It’s become a cliché, but genuinely no two days are alike which helps keep you engaged and mentally agile. And I’ve always considered it a privilege to work with such diverse, high-achieving colleagues and clients from whom I learn a lot and continue to grow professionally.

What sets Risk Advisory apart

The commitment to quality here is embedded throughout all our work processes, whether in the hiring process, work product or account management, and is superior to anything I’ve seen in other professional services firms.


Intelligence delivered ingeniously

Helping key decision makers, make the right commercial decisions