Daniil Titov

Senior Associate, REEE



Daniil Titov

Senior Associate, REEE

Moscow, Russia

Daniil Titov is a senior associate at Risk Advisory’s Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia practice. Joining the company in May 2019, he has overseen numerous due diligence investigations in Russia, Kazakhstan, and other former Soviet countries, Mongolia as well as jurisdictions throughout Central and Eastern Europe. He has particular expertise in IT, financial, healthcare and petrochemical sectors.

Daniil leads Risk Advisory’s efforts to monitor and implement novel methods of open source intelligence gathering. In this capacity, he regularly assists other practices with tasks that creative and unorthodox research approaches, including multi-jurisdictional asset tracing exercises. 

Prior to joining Risk Advisory, Daniil worked at the Moscow city government, focusing on urban governance.

Project highlights:

  • Led a complex pre-transaction enquiry for a Fortune 500 high-tech firm wishing to exit its Russian joint venture;
  • Advised the general counsel of a European electric jet manufacturer on a transaction with a Dubai-based business aircraft dealer, owned by a Russian principal; 
  • Managed a multi-jurisdictional, source-led investigation into a major Central Asian mining conglomerate active in Eurasia, Africa and Latin America;
  • Conducted a source of wealth investigation on a Slovak businessman, identifying links to organised crime for a private banking client through a combination of advanced OSINT methods and source enquiries.
  • Languages
    • English
    • Russian
  • Countries of expertise

    Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Czechia, Slovakia

  • Capabilities
    • Integrity due diligence
    • Sanctions 
    • Advanced OSINT
    • IT and telecoms 
    • Healthcare and pharmaceutical
  • Education
    • MA Conflict, Security & Development 
    • BA International Relations

Get to know Daniil Titov

My area of expertise

My work involves guiding clients through regulatory and political risks in Russia and other countries spanning from Czechia to Mongolia. My particular expertise lies in the IT, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical sectors. I also keep an eye on new open-source intelligence techniques and help to deploy them in other jurisdictions company-wide.

Why I love what I do

Each case gives me great satisfaction from solving challenging tasks that help clients expand their understanding and inform their strategic decisions. 

What sets Risk Advisory apart

Not only does Risk Advisory have the best intelligence tools at its disposal, most importantly we have ingenious people who know how to apply them creatively.


Intelligence delivered ingeniously

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