Bill Waite

Non-Executive Director



Bill Waite

Non-Executive Director

Bill Waite was a founder of The Risk Advisory Group and for almost 18 years its Chief Executive. During that period, he defined the group’s geographic and professional service offering. He also helped shape the risk management sector by providing advice to various bodies including giving evidence to a Parliamentary select committee, the Security Industry Authority, and the Serious Fraud Office.

For over ten years Bill was on the board of the European Chapter of the American Corporate Councils Association – culminating in being elected as President – and for two years Bill was on the Board of British American Business. Bill was also a commentator and lecturer on Bribery and Corruption and was a regular contributor to the FCPA Blog.

In addition to being Group CEO Bill led many multinational investigations. This ranged from global assets searches on behalf of both Governments and multinational organisations to fact-finding missions in suspected cartels.

Prior to founding The Risk Advisory Group, Bill spent seven years at the Criminal Defence Bar and nearly four years as a case controller at the Serious Fraud Office where he led a number of successful prosecutions and acted as investigating lawyer on a number of other cases. Bill enjoyed 100% success in every case that he led. As Deputy Chairman and non-executive director, Bill provides strategic advice and support to the management team and support on the group’s larger investigations. 

Get to know Bill Waite

My area of expertise

By profession I am a  lawyer – originally a criminal defence barrister and later a case controller at the Serious Fraud Office. Twenty-five years ago I started in the Risk Management sector and in 1997, I together with Richard Prior and Arish Turle, raised venture capital and founded the Risk Advisory Group where I held a number of positions. First, I was Head of litigation support; second, Chief Executive; and most recently as a Non-Executive Director.

Why I love what I do

I love sharing all of my career experience with staff to develop their skills so that they can better help clients and contribute to Risk Advisory’s growth.

What sets Risk Advisory apart

When we started Risk Advisory Group our ambition was to create a truly professional risk management consultancy.  That ambition required a total commitment to openness, honesty and transparency with clients about our knowledge skills and experience, methodologies, work product and fees.  With staff and other stakeholders we made commitments to treat them as professionals and to train and equip them to produce the absolute highest quality of work product.  These goals are perpetual – but I hope and believe they are what we were and continue to be known for.


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