Third party compliance management software

Third party compliance management software

Built for serious compliance professionals

Designed exclusively for use by clients who commission due diligence from Risk Advisory, our third party compliance platform was built to alleviate the burgeoning effort required by businesses to meet anti-corruption compliance legislation.

Our third party compliance platform is a cloud-based software solution designed to centralise and streamline your compliance process for suppliers, agents, contractors and clients.

While compliance budgets are being frozen or reduced, the need for efficiency, transparency and responsiveness has never been greater. By automating day-today tasks, generating a comprehensive audit trail and giving you full visibility into your third party compliance programme, our platform  maximises operational efficiency, helping you stay one step ahead.

  • Clear
    Our platform’s standard workflow, which covers all of the essential compliance steps, is quickly implemented. Standard set-up takes 4 weeks.
  • Expert
    Our 20 years’ experience working with compliance professionals shaped the platform’s development.
  • Due diligence
    And for when you need to dig deeper… the platform provides you with seamless, secure access to our highly experienced global integrity due diligence team.

    Key features of our third party compliance platform

    Features and functionality of our third party compliance platform:

    Risk ranking

    Create custom risk rankings based on your criteria or use one of our own

    Dow Jones watchlist data

    Integration with Dow Jones watchlist data to ensure ongoing monitoring of your third parties*

    * Subject to separate agreement with Dow Jones

    Information reporting and dashboards

    Flexible management information reporting and dashboards – customisable analytics, dashboards and reports

    Automated delivery of questionnaires

    Benefit from bespoke questionnaires which can be delivered in multiple languages

    Scheduled reminders

    Keep track of renewals, tasks, activities and actions with the reminder facility

    Enterprise-level security

    Fully SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security encrypted to keep your data safe

    Configurable approval processes

    Customisable permission roles and responsibilities within teams

    Fully auditable and time-stamped records

    Automatically creates an audit trail of the due diligence you’ve done

    This compliance platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is quick to use and avoids unnecessary emails being sent.
    - Legal counsel at an international hotel chain
    We are using the software as a platform to support our pre-qualification and due diligence process. It meets our practical needs and can be easily adapted to any customer requirements.
    - Russian real estate team for a multinational retailer
    It was very easy to get the platform up and running. It is a very intuitive system and with the help of the team we were able to upload our counterparty data and questionnaires with ease.
    - Head of compliance at a US listed manufacturer
    This platform has reduced our email traffic and simplified due diligence by allowing us to easily convey orders, receive reports, and handle billing documents in the tool. As a bonus, the responsiveness of the Risk Advisory support team is remarkable. The ability to connect quickly and directly has made our due diligence process more efficient and secure.
    - Associate at a compliance consultancy
    We built our third party compliance platform to make the lives of compliance professionals easier. We worked closely with our clients to understand the challenges they face. The platform focuses on automation of day-today tasks, centralisation of information and a clear audit trail to give compliance teams more time to focus on strategic decisions and complete confidence in their processes.
    - Rebecca Palser, Director

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