The Risk Advisory Group launches specialist security intelligence services firm Dragonfly


The Risk Advisory Group (Risk Advisory) has established a standalone specialist security intelligence services company, Dragonfly, to provide security experts at leading global organisations with the intelligence they need to anticipate geopolitical threats, plan with precision, and sustain their companies’ business advantage.

The new business will focus on supporting clients with the content and platforms they need to mitigate risk in an increasingly complex, politicised and unstable business risk environment.

The separation of Dragonfly means Risk Advisory will focus on the continuation of its long-standing core services, developing high-level operational and strategic intelligence, while providing due diligence and litigation support that helps corporate decision makers operate with integrity.

Built out of Risk Advisory’s established Intelligence and Analysis practice, Dragonfly’s experienced team, led by CEO David Claridge, will continue to inform planning for top-level security executives in the world’s leading companies and organisations. These range from multinationals and banks to multilateral agencies and NGOs, whose risk management professionals are provided with operational and tactical security intelligence through a range of platforms and advisory services. Dragonfly responds to growing demand from security and crisis management leaders for intelligence support that is integrated into their business processes, cutting through the noise and helping them to effectively anticipate threats.

Dragonfly’s flagship subscription service SIAS (Security Intelligence & Analysis Service) provides bespoke, forward-looking and actionable all-source security intelligence that puts clients ahead of the news agenda, and complex threats. The service converges technology with individual expertise, using human intelligence and data, with innovative assessment, risk modelling and analytics.

A programme of investment in technology accompanies Dragonfly’s launch, starting with new API capabilities. These allow SIAS intelligence and risk scoring to be integrated with client and third party platforms, significantly extending the reach and utility of SIAS content.

Dragonfly’s suite of security intelligence products also includes protective intelligence, which employs specialist tools and techniques to monitor client-specific threats online and TerrorismTracker, its global terrorism monitoring service. Its database covers almost 15 years of terrorist activity, which is now also able to be integrated into third party platforms to facilitate asset mapping, data analysis and visualisation applications. The firm also operates in support of long term executive protection missions, threats to organisations and their reputations, or high profile events such sport events, AGMs and media productions.

For clients who need fully dedicated capability at the heart of their organisation, Dragonfly’s embedded security intelligence service provides experienced risk specialists to work in-house or remotely. Dragonfly’s skilled team also provides a full range of advisory services covering political and security risk assessment, forecasting and modelling.

David Claridge, CEO of Dragonfly, says: “By moving our security intelligence team from Risk Advisory to Dragonfly, we are setting a marker that we see enormous opportunity in establishing a distinctive new brand to build upon the growth of our cutting edge SIAS service in a space that can look rather homogenous. We have a fantastically experienced team with a respected reputation that will continue to burgeon as Dragonfly. The new company is a natural transition that will allow us to be even more agile, to innovate and invest in our platforms and services, and to forge a path that is completely focused on the needs of our loyal clients.

“Global organisations find themselves operating under increasing pressure from overlapping and interacting security, political and operational challenges. In establishing Dragonfly, our vision is to transform the place of intelligence in security decision-making, to collaborate with our clients to help them foresee their risks, to protect their prized people and assets, and so sustain their business advantage.”

Chris Rowley, CEO of Risk Advisory, says: “The decision to form Dragonfly is part of a long-term senior management and board strategy for Risk Advisory, recognising the potential within the specialism of security intelligence services. It’s a positive step for both companies and we’re confident the dedicated and experienced team at Dragonfly will carve out its own unique space within the security intelligence market. Its establishment will complement and enhance the broader group’s offering, while Risk Advisory continues to build on its established presence, and over twenty-year tradition of delivering strategic intelligence and investigations services across the global corporate landscape.”

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Notes to Editors

About Dragonfly

Launched in July 2021, Dragonfly is the new identity of the former Intelligence & Analysis practice of The Risk Advisory Group. 

Dragonfly is a geopolitical and security intelligence service for the world’s leading organisations. From the highest risk environments to the boardroom, Dragonfly enables its clients to make confident decisions and put them ahead of risks to achieve their goals. Dragonfly goes beyond the limits of real-time information to deliver early warning intelligence, by fusing the multiplying power of knowledge, data, technology, service, capability and human expertise. 

Its flagship Security Intelligence & Analysis Service (SIAS) provides bespoke, forward-looking and actionable all-source security intelligence, including in-depth assessment, risk modelling and analytics.

Dragonfly has a global presence, with offices in London, New York, Washington, D.C. and Singapore.  

Further information about the full suite of Dragonfly’s security intelligence services is available at 

Follow Dragonfly on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Risk Advisory

The Risk Advisory Group is a leading global risk management consultancy specializing in the provision of in-depth due diligence, high-level operational and strategic intelligence, and litigation support. It helps businesses survive and thrive by equipping corporate decision makers and their advisors with the meticulously sourced, consistently fresh, local intelligence they need to make the right commercial decisions. 

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