Corruption Challenges Index 2017


The Risk Advisory Group is pleased to present our Corruption Challenges Index.

Drawing on the experience of our expert analysts, we rank 181 countries to reveal the markets that pose the most – and the fewest – corruption challenges for investing businesses. A number of measures were used including:

  • the local threat of corruption

  • how exposed foreign investors are to corruption itself as well as to FCPA enforcement action

  • the availability of reliable information to conduct integrity due diligence and mitigate the risk of dealing with corrupt parties

The rankings reflect the expert judgement of Risk Advisory’s analysts and their experience of helping organisations investigate and do business in those markets. Industry sectors are also ranked, with construction and development, infrastructure, oil and gas emerging as the most challenging from a corruption point of view.
Bill Waite, Group Chief Executive Officer of The Risk Advisory Group said, “High levels of corruption risk need not preclude a market from a company’s expansion plans for 2017.  And indeed in certain industries the riskiest countries are often the most rewarding.” To understand the unique corruption challenges of countries they are planning to invest in this year, businesses can access the map, analysis and our expert regional viewpoints below.

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