An HR master's degree in…fraud

An HR master's degree in…fraud

Why employee screening is necessary

A recent conviction for fraud reminds us of the need for independent employee screening checks to be carried out on all new employees, and that failure to do so could lead to significant financial losses.

Prolific fraudster Wade Jordan managed to get an HR job with an international firm, QIAGEN.  Mr Jordan claimed to have an MA in Human Resources Management from Manchester Metropolitan University. The police investigation found this to be untrue.

During his employment he defrauded the company of nearly £50,000. Mr Jordan was finally sentenced to three years in prison on the 12th June, 2014.

A fraudster to the end… sentencing had been delayed from March 2014, after the presiding Judge was handed a doctor’s sick note that asked for sentencing to be deferred to a later date, due to reasons of ill mental-health. An investigation found the doctor’s note was genuine, but that the contents had been altered and that no request for a delay in proceedings had been made by the GP. 

Michael Whittington
Author: Michael Whittington
16th June 2014
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