Victoria Platt

Director, Head of Business Services



Victoria Platt

Director, Head of Business Services

London, UK

Victoria is Head of Business Services at The Risk Advisory Group. She leads and integrates our HR, IT, governance, legal, workplace and finance functions. 

Prior to Risk Advisory, Victoria was Executive Director of Business Operations at Health Data Research UK, where she created the operations function enabling the company to scale 10x over a three-year period.

Victoria has developed her skills and experience across a range of environments including charity, start-up and public sector research establishments

Get to know Victoria Platt

My area of expertise

I lead the Business Services team at Risk Advisory. Across my career, I have led Operations in public sector research organisations, charities and start-up businesses, developing and delivering services across HR, IT, Finance, Board Secretariat, and Legal. 

Why I love what I do

I love understanding how things work and making them better. I love that Business Services draws in a diversity of people, skills and backgrounds and with diversity comes creativity, better ideas and improved ways of working. I also love to get things done, move things forward and make progress!

What sets Risk Advisory apart

It has to be our people. Their passion for the work that they do – right across the business – their expertise, their dedication to deliver for our clients and teams. It is really inspiring. They are also lovely, inquisitive and welcoming!


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