Corruption Challenges Index 2020 Top corruption danger spots for business in 2020

Risk Advisory's annual global measure of the world’s most and least challenging countries for foreign investors in relation to corruption levels

Our Corruption Challenges Index 2020 identifies countries and territories which pose the biggest corruption challenges for foreign investors. The index is a useful measure of where and how corruption manifests itself locally. Our scores are based on a number of factors such as levels of FCPA enforcement action and local industry risks, as well as accessibility and reliability of information – a crucial line of defence for people whose jobs involve protecting organisations against corruption.

It is important that businesses are aware of which countries and sectors have a significant risk of corruption. The Corruption Challenges Index is an essential guide for businesses conducting work globally, ensuring awareness of where corruption challenges lie and why you should conduct thorough due diligence before investing in such a country.

Key features:

  • Three interactive maps showing the overall challenge of doing business in each country (Corruption Challenge Index score); the highest and lowest threats posed (Corruption Threat); and the availability of reliable information (Opacity)
  • Top 3 sectors exposed to corruption in each region and globally
  • Top 10 league tables indicating the most and least challenging countries
  • Regional leaders revealing the top 3 and bottom 3 challenging countries for each region
  • Regional viewpoints analysis from our global team of experts, highlighting trends and themes.

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