If you really want to make a difference make it with us.

Risk Advisory is a unique organisation to work for – what really sets us apart is the kind of work we undertake and the diverse nature and backgrounds of our employees.

Since 1997, we’ve grown from 20 to over 125 staff, but have never lost sight of our ‘one company, one team’ founding ethos. That's despite the diversity of our service lines, our individual backgrounds and specialisms, and the distances that separate our offices.

In fact, we believe that our lack of territoriality over client relationships is one of our most significant achievements. Our clients are never siloed with single gatekeepers and benefit from the plurality of perspectives that our experts bring. Our culture of collaboration is one of the key attributes that help us stand out from other risk management consultants.

The force of collaboration inside the business is matched by our total commitment to client confidentiality outside of it. We are privileged to be entrusted by our clients with their sensitive information and apply the highest possible standards to uphold their trust in us. If you are considering applying to Risk Advisory you must be prepared to exercise utmost discretion in respect of your work.

Former colleague at Risk Advisory

Employees with good ideas and ambition were encouraged to take ownership of their vision and pursue initiatives for which they had identified a potential market, and were recognised for their effort. This recognition often took the form of secondments to different overseas offices, management responsibility and wider exposure to client-facing opportunities. The people I worked with were dedicated and hard-working, but also interesting, engaging and professional.