Lucia Gonzalez

Chief Operating Officer

My area of expertise

Innovating on, and bringing structure to, the internal processes that underpin the work we do. Having started out as a researcher, I know how much effort, creativity, and dedication goes into this work. With that experience in mind, I ensure our staff are equipped to produce top-notch work for our clients, and that we continually develop our talent pool.

Why I love what I do

I am energized by breaking down complex problems that at first have no obvious solution. Whether it’s helping a client navigate a problem they’re facing and where they’ve hit a hurdle, or helping one of our team members figure out how to access quality intelligence in a tricky jurisdiction, it never stops being rewarding.

What sets Risk Advisory apart

Our willingness to share knowledge and experience in formal and informal ways. I have had many teachers at Risk Advisory that have shaped me by generously sharing their time and expertise.


Intelligence delivered ingeniously

Helping key decision makers, make the right commercial decisions