Lucia Gonzalez

Chief Operating Officer



Lucia Gonzalez

Chief Operating Officer

Lucía González is Risk Advisory’s COO. Lucía began her career managing complex investigations globally. Armed with this experience, she now focuses on building internal capability for high calibre intelligence-gathering and client advisory. 

She is responsible for devising and delivering on a people and operations plan to underpin our growth strategy; including by: building out internal learning and development programs aimed at honing investigative skills and understanding the key concerns that drive our clients to commission our services; embedding an organisational structure that can execute investigations for the full range of clients; establishing quality control processes to ensure consistency across our global practices; and managing the company’s key risks.

Project highlights:

  • Managed hundreds of business intelligence and diligence assignments in the Americas, including in Mexico and Central America.
  • Oversaw an investigation into a wind farm located in Oaxaca, Mexico, on behalf of a US client. This involved a deep dive into the licensing for the project, and the interactions between the developer and local indigenous council, including the consultation process the developer followed, benchmarked against best practices in the industry.
  • Led a market entry study on behalf of a Canadian public pension fund considering an investment in Mexico’s renewable energy sector. The investigation focused on determining the AMLO administration’s attitude towards foreign investment in the industry, as well as an examination of key operational and corruption risks.
  • Managed an investigation on behalf of a development finance institution into a Central American hydroelectric dam project. Through enquiries conducted in-country, developed an understanding of human rights allegations made by the local community, and mapped out the political connectivity of the dam’s developer.

Get to know Lucia Gonzalez

My area of expertise

Innovating on, and bringing structure to, the internal processes that underpin the work we do. Having started out as a researcher, I know how much effort, creativity, and dedication goes into this work. With that experience in mind, I ensure our staff are equipped to produce top-notch work for our clients, and that we continually develop our talent pool.

Why I love what I do

I am energized by breaking down complex problems that at first have no obvious solution. Whether it’s helping a client navigate a problem they’re facing and where they’ve hit a hurdle, or helping one of our team members figure out how to access quality intelligence in a tricky jurisdiction, it never stops being rewarding.

What sets Risk Advisory apart

Our willingness to share knowledge and experience in formal and informal ways. I have had many teachers at Risk Advisory that have shaped me by generously sharing their time and expertise.


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