Farshid Farouk

Senior Associate, MENA

My area of expertise

I help our clients navigate challenging jurisdictions in the Middle East and North Africa. As a French-Iranian national having grown up in Dubai, I have experience in conducting complex investigations in the Maghreb, Lebanon, the UAE, and Iran. My work frequently examines the crossover between politics and business, as well as the sanctions exposure our clients face ahead of a prospective engagement.

Why I love what I do

Our work is an important factor for our clients to prevent money laundering, terrorism financing, and other financial crimes. I feel a sense of duty in helping companies make the right decisions when considering an investment in complex and volatile regions like the Middle East and North Africa – and I love that I am able to do so.

What sets Risk Advisory apart

The human aspect. Risk Advisory invests in its people and their career growth, helping them every step of the way to develop their due diligence expertise and careers. In turn, my colleagues and I give our all to answer our clients’ crucial questions and produce top-quality reports.


Intelligence delivered ingeniously

Helping key decision makers, make the right commercial decisions