Security Intelligence & Analysis Service

SIAS – Security Intelligence & Analysis Service Intelligence for security risk management

Delivering actionable insights for corporate security, intelligence and crisis risk management clients in leading global businesses.


Our emphasis on authentic, grounded intelligence means our international network of human sources become an extension of our clients’ own capabilities.


Through our responsiveness, we enhance our clients’ capabilities, and we encourage SIAS users to play an active role in our intelligence cycle, through interaction with our analysts and regular briefings.


SIAS reports fuse operational ground level reporting with strategic level assessments, so our customers are fluent with events on the ground while reducing the risk of strategic surprise in the future.

Key features

SIAS email reports and website

SIAS email reports and website

SIAS products are distributed through a prioritised mobile-friendly email push service.

The SIAS website contains thousands of searchable security intelligence reports, as well as Country and City Risk Ratings, a Flashpoints Calendar and Dates to Watch.

Terrorism Tracker

Terrorism Tracker

Terrorism Tracker is our database and live incident map of worldwide terrorist activity with a dashboard and supporting analytical newsletter.

The database holds information dating from 2007 to the present day and is searchable by location, target, tactics, business sector and other key criteria.

Security Intelligence & Analysis Service

Timely intelligence to plan ahead

Late intelligence has no value. Past events are of little use without forward-looking and interpretative analysis.

We prioritise security intelligence for our clients so they only receive timely information, and don’t have their inboxes deluged with unimportant or late reports.

An accessible service

When managing crises, we understand that it’s more effective to speak with expert sources than attempt to digest large volumes of information in isolation.

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