The enemy within

The enemy within
In the media Research conducted by CIFAS and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) found that serious organised criminals are targeting businesses to commit fraud. In a review of over 900 cases of staff dismissed for fraud posted on the CIFAS Staff Fraud database, 94 people were found potentially to be involved in serious organised crime. Further findings indicated that gambling, specifically on gambling websites, indicated a propensity to involvement in fraud.  In particular there was evidence of significant activity on these websites by fraudsters before they stole from customers or their employers. A paternity dispute in South East London exposed an NHS employee who had lied about his qualifications. The married man used his unknowing father’s DNA to avoid child maintenance payments following an extra marital affair. Further investigations found that he had also deceived the NHS for a decade by claiming to be a doctor in order to work in a clinical role. A recent survey by XpertHR highlighted that on average senior management roles take 10.5 weeks to fill at a cost of £9,921. Only 46% of organisations checked the backgrounds of these senior managers, conducting checks including references and criminal records. Considering the cost to hire and potential risk to the business, should companies be doing more? Recent cases A recent candidate for a client in the corporate sector claimed to have a diploma in mathematics from a Slovakian university. The university came back to us to confirm that the diploma certificate was a forgery and has been falsified by the candidate to obtain the position. While in the process of screening a candidate we were unable to obtain a reference from a large technology firm in Ireland. The company claimed to have no records of the individual ever having worked for them. We then received an unexpected email from the candidate stating that he had never actually worked for the technology company and had only added it to his CV to get a better chance of being chosen for interview claiming that he never thought he would actually be ‘checked out’. Sal Remtulla Head of Employment Screening
Published: 13th January 2012