Strategic Outlook 2016

Strategic Outlook 2016

The Strategic Outlook 2016 is the second edition of our annual global forecast. ??It attempts to interpret and foresee how wider political, economic and social trajectories may influence security and crises. Download the Strategic Outlook 2016 Please fill in your details below:
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"2016 looks set to be a turbulent year in many regions"

As events and the forces that shape them unfold, inevitably assessments themselves will need to be revised. Forecasting, as we regularly caution, is not an exact science. For this reason, this Strategic Outlook also aims to provide a useful framework for our ongoing current intelligence and threat assessments. We flag some of the early warning signs and ongoing monitoring points that Risk Advisory’s Security Intelligence & Analysis Service (SIAS) will be watching out for to help protect our clients and their interests. Email for more information  
Published: 21st January 2016