The Compliance Horizon What is on the compliance horizon for 2017?

The Risk Advisory Group is pleased to present our Compliance Horizon report which surveyed over 150 compliance professionals to pinpoint the key issues for the industry going into 2017.

In our Compliance Horizon report we examine how issues ranging from uncertainty surrounding geopolitical events to the need for increased efficiency are affecting today’s compliance teams.

  • Ambiguity caused by geopolitical shocks such as Brexit and the US election are front of mind for the compliance industry as it plans for the future
  • 53 per cent of compliance professionals cited the threat of a recession as the biggest external risk facing their business in the year ahead, with Brexit as their second biggest concern
  • 80.5 per cent of compliance professionals identified Donald Trump as the presidential candidate who posed the greater threat to the compliance profession
  • 73 per cent of the compliance professionals we spoke to think that their budgets will either be cut or stay the same in 2017 and 48 per cent said it would take an internal investigation to drive any increase

Reconstructing bribery allegations

A Risk Advisory client was in negotiations to acquire a rival healthcare business, which relied on a third party sales agent model. Concerned by potential successor liability risks, our client tasked us to investigate its rival’s agents to help its integrity due diligence endeavours.

On the back of that brief, we reconstructed the background and track record of each agent, relying on a range of data sources, as well as insights from our own human intelligence network. We looked specifically at how and where the agents made use of political relationships, gifts and hospitality, to see whether corrupt practices were part of their modus operandi. Ten had a track record of making sales to state-run healthcare bodies with the aid of high-level political connections. In four cases, we heard credible claims of bribery from contacts of ours who had witnessed first-hand the sales agents at work.


Mapping the competition

An aircraft manufacturer tendering to supply to an Asian airline approached Risk Advisory with several questions relating to the process: which competitors would be bidding in parallel? What were their relative attractions to the buyer? Did the buyer have any pre-existing preferences? Were there any cultural and non-fiscal steps our client could take to enhance its position?

Our research, interviews and intelligence-gathering afforded our client a detailed topography of the competition. This helped our client to evaluate its relative strengths and weaknesses, and to highlight key features of the bid process that it could legitimately exploit to its advantage.

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