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ALERT: Dodd-Frank Swap Data Repository reporting is now underway. To learn more about how to manage your reporting and reconcile with counterparties reporting for you, listen to the SDR insiders on our exclusive webcast.


The CFTC’s Dodd-Frank regulations aren’t just a set of new rules. They are a mandate to transform the way you manage your portfolio, how you interact with your counterparties and much more. RiskAdvisory has a fit-to-purpose solution that helps customers achieve their Dodd-Frank goals and automate their compliance response. To learn more about our compliance software commitment, click here.


The SAS BookRunner regulatory compliance module aggregates data from multiple locations and systems, and automates Dodd-Frank compliance requirements for recordkeeping, surveillance, data reporting and operational controls.


The solution quickly formats the required data for CFTC reporting, and provides full connectivity to Swap Data Repositories (SDR’s) for compliance reporting and reconciliation. All without disrupting your daily business operations.


RiskAdvisory’s unsurpassed analytics capabilities help Dodd-Frank End-Users to maintain trader, corporate position and credit limit discipline, for the most cost-effective maintenance of margin requirements.


Plus, SAS BookRunner can leverage these Dodd-Frank aggregation and analytics to help you optimize your business, from uncovering overlooked opportunities for profit and risk mitigation to comprehensive assessments of asset maintenance and workflows that could minimize losses.


From reporting and connectivity to surveillance and analytics, RiskAdvisory is committed to helping you overcome your Dodd-Frank compliance challenge.   The SAS BookRunner regulatory compliance solution enables:


  • Quick, complete capture of data, from all required systems across the enterprise;   Ability to understand position characteristics for the maintenance of margin and credit limits;

  • Timely, accurate reporting in auditable environment;

  • Swap Data Repository connectivity and reconciliation;

  • Holistic overviews of all operational interactions, allowing optimization of additional efficiencies;

  • Advanced analytical expertise to enhance trading activities, trade surveillance, business operations and management decision-making.

How does Dodd-Frank compliance impact your business? Find out with these informative resources:


To download our Fact Sheet on how SAS BookRunner can help you achieve Dodd-Frank Compliance, click here.


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