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"What's my exposure?"


This is the core question every risk analyst in any trading sector must ask every day. The answer lies in risk system reports and spreadsheets created over time to generate specific fundamental analysis, based on an array of ad hoc equations and correlations. But reports and analysis are only as good as the data they were built on – data gathered from many different systems, in different formats, both inside and outside the organization. How can you achieve a single, unifying view of your net position across your entire portfolio – or your entire enterprise?


RiskAdvisory understands that the best business decisions come from sound analysis built on firm data structures. We’ve developed the Enterprise Commodity Risk Aggregation and Analytics (ECRAA) approach to enable these decisions by transforming disparate data into actionable information using our SAS BookRunner solution suite. Long been recognized as an industry-leading commodity capture system, SAS BookRunner is now enhanced with powerful SAS Advanced Analytics solutions to aggregate data from any source and perform fast, accurate interpretation, modeling and analysis.


SAS BookRunner v12 is a front-to-back-office solution that includes deal capture, data integration, advanced predictive analytics, compliance reporting, and a full suite of cutting-edge modeling tools. The modular solution provides organizations with the capability to proactively capture, analyze and simulate market and credit risks associated with energy and commodity price volatility, through an integrated commodity trading risk management (CTRM) framework. All backed by SAS’s integrated data framework and superior business analytics, support services and worldwide reach.


The comprehensive SAS BookRunner v12 Suite includes data integration, cutting-edge modeling tools for reliable risk measures, advanced predictive analytics and easy-to-use reporting capabilities, so you can:


Establish a powerful software solution to manage your commodity risk program.

Proactively capture, analyze and simulate the market and credit risks associated with energy and commodity price volatility.

From a portfolio-level view, drill down to the individual transaction level.

Manage and control the exposures surrounding your commodity positions.

Create and maintain pricing and valuation models in a controlled environment.

Report and display risk metrics in a dashboard, simulate and stress various scenarios, and maintain market data sourced from multiple perspectives – all on any device, including smart phones.

RiskAdvisory’s suite of risk solutions, delivered as a service-oriented architecture (SOA), is flexible enough to enable any type of firm to accurately model, assess and control market and credit risk. Including:

Oil and gas exploration and production companies.

Natural gas and electric power utilities.

Crude oil refining and products marketing.

Financial service institutions and hedge funds.

Commodity derivative exchanges.

Transportation and storage.

Liquefied natural gas.




Foreign exchange and interest rates.

Airlines jet fuel hedging.

Aluminum manufacturers.

Fertilizer producers.

Natural gas aggregators and marketers.


Use the SAS BookRunner v12 suite of solutions to embed risk management into everyday processes at all levels of your organization – such as forecasting fluctuations in commodity prices manage profit/loss – and you’ll gain improved insights into marketplace volatility. The benefits include:


Increased risk analyst productivity through automation.

Enhanced ability to quickly respond to requests for updated forecasts.

Faster response time through self-serve access by stakeholders.

Increased data accuracy, integrity, and consistency.

Better insights into the commodity marketplace through advanced analytics.

Audit trail structuring for compliance with Dodd-Frank Act.


SAS BookRunner v12 also one of the first CTRM solutions to create mobility for risk executives, with dashboards that publish to any desktop or smart mobile device.


Visit our individual SAS BookRunner Commodity Capture, SAS Analytics Workbench and SAS Advanced Analytics solution pages to learn more about what the SAS BookRunner v12 suite of solutions can do for you.   

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